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12.23.20 DBI Interim Director's Letter to Our Customers

10.15.20 DBI Interim Director's Letter to Our Customers

9.3.20 DBI Interim Director's Letter to Our Customers

If you need a permit for a small business, you may qualify for expedited review under Proposition H. Visit our Prop H Website for more information.

During the health crisis, DBI has changed our processes for accepting permits. Please see below for information on how to submit your permit application. ​


  • Over-the Counter (OTC) Permits

All OTC permits can be submitted in paper through our limited in-person services including: 

  • OTC without plans 
  • OTC with plans 
  • Permits requiring Fire Department review only

For more information on the Over-the-Counter process, visit

  • In-House Review (Intake) Permits

To begin the process for submitting an in-house review permit application, email DBI staff with information about your project. For more information on what to do, visit:

  • Permits for 100% Affordable Housing and Development Agreement projects

We accept permit applications for 100% Affordable Housing and Development Agreements online at

  • Trades (Electrical, Plumbing, Boiler-to-Operate) Permits

All trades permits can be submitted online or by emailing DBI. For more information, visit

  • Emergency Permits

We accept permit applications for emergency projects.  For more information, visit

If you already submitted a permit application, please read the information below:

  • Previously Submitted Permit Applications

If you previously submitted a permit application for an in-house review project online, you will remain in the queue for electronic review permit processing. If your project was identified as an Over-the-Counter project, you should make an appointment to submit your application in paper (see OTC information). For more information, please visit

  • Submitting Revisions and Addenda

We are accepting revisions and addenda for previously submitted permits. For more information, visit

  • Revision Drop-Off for Hardcopy Building Permits Requested by Planning Department 

If you have an existing Building Permit Application that was originally submitted in hardcopy, you may submit revised plans directly to the Planning Department without an appointment. Customers should come to the 49 South Van Ness main entrance on Van Ness to drop-off the plans in the boxes labeled “CPC Revision/Drop-Off” between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm. Instructions for dropping off your revised plans:

• Provide two sets of revised plans

• Write the Building Permit Application Number along the side edge of each set of plans

• Date the plans with the resubmittal date

Revised plans will be routed to the Planning Department within two days of drop-off, and your assigned Planner will review the plans within approximately one week of the plans being routed to Planning. If you choose to proceed with Planning Department review of your revisions in hardcopy, you will be removed from the electronic plan review queue.

Once your permit application has been reviewed and approved, you will need to do the following:​

  • Pay for Your Permit

When we are ready to issue your permit, you will receive an invoice to complete the payment process. For more information, visit

  • Pick Up Your Permit

Customers can drop in between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to pick up permits after you have been informed that your permit is ready for pick-up. For more information, visit