Code Enforcement Outreach Program (CEOP)

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For the last 20 years, the Department of Building Inspection (DBI) has offered a unique program designed to improve living conditions for all tenants, and improve communication between tenants and landlords. The Code Enforcement Outreach Program (CEOP) provides support to tenants, owners and DBI, so that the City and the community can work together to bring rental housing into code compliance.

To help ensure the success of this program, DBI is working in cooperation with five non-profit organizations which represent rental property owners and tenants throughout San Francisco.The purpose of this program is to expedite the code enforcement process by setting out tenant and property owner’s respective rights and responsibilities, mediate, and improve communication between the parties.  DBI aims to particularly seek out individuals of limited or non-English speaking skills whom may have trouble accessing housing assistance.  The goal of this program is to achieve the abatement of violations prior to a Director’s Hearing and referral to the City Attorney’s Office.For more information on the Code Enforcement Outreach Program, contact Housing Inspection Services at (628) 652-3700.


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Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, you can utilize these resources to improve housing code compliance. 

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