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Vacant or abandoned properties are community eyesores, and also pose threats as public safety hazards and shelters of criminal activity. These buildings often are deteriorated beyond repair, overgrown with vegetation, and act as potential dumping grounds for debris and other hazardous materials. These lots attract vagrants and often harbor illegal activities.  

Legislation passed under Ordinance 194-09 (Vacant Building) and Ordinance 52-19 (Vacant Commercial Storefront) require property owners responsible for these lots to register their buildings with DBI. The code calls for an annual registration fee, maintenance and security requirements. The intentions of these laws are to prompt owners to improve abandoned buildings, restore them to proper code, and have them returned to community use. Property owner information is required to be posted visibly on a vacant building.

If you suspect a vacant or abandoned building in your neighborhood, you may report the address in one of three ways:

Be sure to provide the exact property address so that our inspection staff may investigate to verify vacant building complaints.




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