Development Impact Fee - Collection Process & Procedure

Development Impact Fee - Collection Process & Procedure

Most Development Impact Fees are increased annually in January in accordance with San Francisco Planning Code Article 4, Section 409(b). The adjusted fees are published annually in the Citywide Development Impact Fee Register, available on the Planning Department website San Francisco Planning Department Impact Fees. The Controller's Office annually adjusts the applicable fees based on the Annual Infrastructure Construction Cost Inflation Estimate (AICCIE) published by Office of the City Administrator's Capital Planning Group and approved by the Capital Planning Committee. Development Impact Fees are assessed based on the impact fee amounts in effect at the time a First Construction Document is issued, as defined in Building Code Section 107A.13.1, regardless of any prior fee payments. The Capital Planning Committee adopted the previously noticed 6% rate increase, and increased fee rates are effective as of January 1, 2022.

For questions on the annual indexing process, please contact CPC.IMPACTFEES@SFGOV.ORG

For questions regarding impact fee assessments for an actual or proposed development project, please contact the assigned Planner or the Planning Information Counter


Development Fee Deferral Surcharge Rate: November 2021 - 2.01%

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