Energy / Mechanical Plan Review

Energy / Mechanical Plan Review (EMPR) provides high quality plan review of proposed construction work to verify conformance with Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards and the San Francisco Mechanical Code, as well as the heating, ventilation, smoke control, life safety, and related construction requirements of the San Francisco Building Code in a timely, consistent, transparent, professional, and courteous manner to all our clients. Projects include construction of new buildings, as well as alterations, additions, and repairs to existing buildings. Staff conducts reviews of over-the-counter projects at the counter as the customer waits, conduct reviews of submitted projects in-house and conduct reviews of submitted residential projects or simple commercial projects by appointment with the design professionals. The group supervisor and other senior staff conduct pre-application review meetings to provide code interpretations and resolve major code issues prior to the submittal of plans and permit applications.

  • Telephone: (628) 652-3780

  • Fax: (628) 652-3789