2019 Codes Effective January 1, 2020

As a reminder, 2019 San Francisco and California Codes are effective for permit applications filed on or after January 1, 2020.
The Codes include Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, Energy and Green Building Codes.
There is no grace period.

2019 California Codes

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Building - Volume 1

 Building - Volume 2

Existing Building

Mechanical Plumbing
Green Building Energy Code


2019 San Francisco Code Amendments

Building Electrical
Mechanical Plumbing
Green Building Housing*

Building Code


*There are no changes to the Housing Code Amendments for the 2019 code cycle.

This unofficial copy of the code is provided for your convenience, but you should not rely on it as the City's official published code. For the official published version of the code, see"

Highlights of the San Francisco Building Code

These ordinances have been incorporated into the 2016 San Francisco Building Code

Notice to Tenants of Dwelling Unit Merger or Demolition - Ordinance 208-15

Definition of Vacant or Abandoned Buildings - Ordinance 14-16

Conditional Use Required to Remove Any Residential Unit and Mandatory Legalization of Illegal Units in C-3 Districts; Permeable Surfaces and Landscaping Requirements Citywide for Building Additions and Residential Mergers - Ordinance 23-16

Conditional Use Required to Remove Any Residential Unit, including an Unauthorized Unit - Ordinance 33-16

Mandatory Disability Access Improvements; Building Owner's Notice to Tenant; Administrative Fee - Ordinance 51-16

All Gender Toilet Facilities - Ordinance 53-16
Permit Suspension for Repeat Violations - Ordinance 59-16

Code Enforcement Procedures - Ordinance 60-16

Stormwater Management Requirements - Ordinance 64-16

Building Facade Inspection and Maintenance and Establishing Fee - Ordinance 67-16

Better Roof Requirements for Renewable Energy Facilities - Ordinance 71-16

Fire, Housing, Building Codes - Fire Safety Requirements for Existing Buildings -Ordinance 165-16

Better Roof Requirements, Including Living Roofs - Ordinance 221-16




Previous Code

2016 California Codes

2016 San Francisco Code Amendments


Electrical Code Interpretation & Guidelines