Cost Schedule

2017 Cost Schedule

Photo of calculator and building plansThis Cost Schedule is effective as of August 16, 2017. A valuation based on this table represents the valuation at the completion of all construction work authorized by a building permit. Permit fees are based on a percentage of this valuation. These valuations are not to be used as accurate guides to the actual cost of construction; for actual construction cost estimates for any proj ect please consult a contractor, a design professional or a cost estimator. 

2017 Cost Schedule

This schedule will be updated by DBI's Technical Services Division on an annual basis or as otherwise directed by the Building Inspection Commission in accordance with the San Francisco Building Code Section 107 A.2. The valuation data is based on information provided by a variety of sources, including without limitation, local contractors, design professionals, cost estimators or nationally published construction cost data books or websites.

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Department of Building Inspection
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