Seismic Safety Outreach Program

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Seismic Safety Workshop


San Franciscans live in one of the world’s most at-risk seismic zones – placing a special responsibility upon those who live here, along with key local, state and federal agencies, to take steps and prepare themselves, and their families, for the next Big One. Experts predict that a major earthquake will strike San Francisco and the immediate Bay Area in the next 25 years – so it is not a question of “IF,” but only a matter of “WHEN” residents will have to respond to such a disaster, as well as to take steps to help the City recover from any damage and devastation caused by such a natural disaster.

Started in 2015, DBI in partnership with Community Youth Center (CYC) and Self Help for the Elderly (SHE) launched the Seismic Safety Outreach Program to provide San Francisco’s diverse populations with the hands-on training and education on how residents, both young and old, can prepare before, during and after an earthquake.

In January 2018, this program was expanded to provide in-language workshops citywide in San Francisco’s 11 Supervisorial Districts.


If you’d like to attend a workshop in your neighborhood, contact the email provided below for your Supervisorial District. Workshops can be provided in English, Chinese, Spanish and Tagalog. Please let the coordinators know if you have a language preference (English, Chinese, Spanish and Tagalog) for the workshop you’d like to attend. The Coordinator will provide you information on the location, time as well as class training details that you’ll need for the upcoming class available in your area. Both organizations can provide the classes to all age groups. 

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Program Details

This program will provide free of charge seismic safety outreach to San Francisco’s multilingual communities to educate them on emergency preparedness and response. Audiences will be SF residents (spanning different age groups, ethnicities), which may include renters, business owners, homeowners, youth and seniors of diverse cultural groups with significant linguistic, social, and economic needs.

This program will:

  • Reach out to a multi-lingual, culturally diverse audience which includes renters, business owners, homeowners, youth and seniors
  • Utilize various strategic approaches to provide general education and awareness on the need to be prepared for a disaster event and post-disaster response
  • Provide training, workshops or hands-on interactive events that allow for education, awareness and engagement on learning about disaster preparedness and response
  • Provide two-way engagement with the Service Area population on seismic safety preparation and response

Curriculum Details

The workshop curriculum includes:

  1. Personnel Preparedness
  2. Basic First Aid and Citizen CPR
  3. Earthquake Mitigation
  4. Response and Recovery
  5. Fire Safety


Additional training services provided by Community Youth Center:

  • One-on-One Organizational Resilience Consultation
  • Fire Safety Puppet Show for Children
  • Stop the Bleed Campaign
  • Certified First Aid and CPR Training


To view a more detailed description of the curriculum, click here.