The Expanded Compliance Control Program

The Expanded Compliance Control Program (ECC) was created in 2021 as a way to ensure that contractors, design professionals, building owners, and their agents fully comply with the City of San Francisco’s Building Code.

The Expanded Compliance Control program requires the Department of Building Inspection to track significant violations and all parties associated with such violations, review those tracking reports to identify candidates for expanded compliance control measures and, when appropriate, place them on the Expanded Compliance Control List.

San Francisco Building Code Section 103A.6 mandates that the Department perform the following Expanded Compliance Control measures for each individual placed on the Expanded Compliance Control List:

  • Provide the Director’s final determination and findings to any applicable licensing board or regulatory agency (if any)
  • Require all new or existing permits or addenda submitted by, or containing reference to, a listee undergo Expanded Compliance Control by senior Plan Review Services staff and review at intake by applicable departments
  • Notify the listee and all other parties associated with the listee on a permit application or addenda of the Expanded Compliance Control requirements
  • Require a licensed contractor be named on a permit
  • Require site inspection by DBI and the Planning Department prior to permit issuance for projects associated with the listee
  • Dedicate a senior inspector to respond to complaints and conduct all inspections regarding the listee
  • Consult with City Attorney, if warranted, about any other enforcement options


Why is this program in place?

Significant violations of the Building Code threaten public health and safety; require DBI time and resources to identify, enforce, and abate; and often result in costly litigation and delay in repairing or constructing much needed housing throughout the City. For all parties—property owners/consumers, residents, DBI, and the public at large—it is safer, more cost-effective and efficient to adopt expanded compliance control provisions that ensure compliance throughout the permit review process, rather than address violations after the fact through enforcement proceedings.


Staff Report

Rodrigo Santos 11/18/2021


Expanded Compliance Control List- To be updated soon