Previously Submitted Permit Applications

DBI Interim Director's Letter to Our Customers

In-House Review Permits

If you previously submitted an in-house review (intake) permit online prior to August 17, then your permit application will stay in the Electronic Plan Review process. It will be processed in the order received, and you will be contacted by DBI and other permitting agencies as your permit moves through the process. Once your permit application is entered into our Permit Tracking System and a Bluebeam session is opened, you can track the status of your permit in our Permit Tracking System

To submit a new in-house review permit, visit

Over-the-Counter Permits

Over-the-Counter permits are processed in paper during the limited in-person services. Please visit for more information.

If you previously submitted an OTC permit online prior to August 17 and you do not want to convert your permit application to paper, please email the Permit Center team to remain in the digital process. Please note process times are longer for digital processing than in-person paper processing. If you want to make an appointment to drop off your OTC permit in paper, please visit

Revision Drop-Off for Hardcopy Building Permits Requested by Planning Department 

If you have an existing Form 1,2 or 3 Building Permit Application that was originally submitted in hardcopy, you may submit revised plans to the Planning Department without an appointment. Customers should come to the 49 South Van Ness Main Entrance to drop-off the plans with the Permit Center Help Desk on Level 2 between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm. You may reach the Help Desk at or 628-652-4900.

Instructions for dropping off your revised plans:
• Provide two sets of revised plans
• Write the Building Permit Application Number along the side edge of each set of plans
• Date the plans with the resubmittal date
Revised plans will be routed to the Planning Department within two days of drop-off, and your assigned Planner will review the plans within approximately one week of the plans being routed to Planning. If you choose to proceed with Planning Department review of your revisions in hardcopy, you will be removed from the electronic plan review queue.

If you have an existing Form 8 Building Permit Application that requires revisions, you may continue review of this permit with assigned staff on the 2nd Floor Permit Center, unless your permit has been identified for intake (due to required neighborhood notification, entitlement or pending enforcement).

In all instances, Permit Center staff will require you to sign-in through the Permit Center’s queue management system.

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Updated: January 19, 2022