Revisions and Addenda

Submitting Addenda for an approved Site Permit originally submitted on paper

If you would like to submit an addendum to an approved site permit that was originally submitted on paper, please email .

Submitting Addenda for a previously submitted online permit

Addenda for previously submitted online permit applications are accepted through the City’s website at .

Resubmit plans to address comments for a previously submitted online building permit application

Upload plans that you changed in response to plan checker comments in Bluebeam:

Previously Issued Permits 

If you already have a permit, and you need to file a revision or you need to submit an addendum to an issued permit, you will need to apply for a new in-house review permit application in paper. For more information on the process to submit a new in-house review permit application in paper, please visit

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Updated: February 11, 2021