In-House Review Permits

Larger and more complicated projects that are not eligible for Over-the-Counter submittal are brought in-house for review and are known as In-House Review permits.
Submitting New In-House Review Permits
If you would like to file a new permit application for an in-house review project, please email with the information detailed below about your project. Please submit only one project per email and use this email subject line: New In-House Review Permit Request - [insert property address]. Your email should include the following information to help our permit technicians process your project more quickly:

  1. Please select the following permit application form that applies to your construction project and fill it out completely:

    Form 1/2: New construction (new building for single-family residence, multi-family residence, commercial)
    Form 3: All other construction work in any type of building
    Form 4: Sign permit
    Form 5: Grading/Excavation permit
    Form 6: Demolition of an entire building
  2. Please complete the following forms for each permit application:
    Permit Applicant & Authorized Agent Disclosure
    San Francisco Unified School District Fee Form (applies to new construction, horizontal/vertical addition, building enlargement)
  3. PDF copy of the plans for submital.

We will contact you to begin the pre-screening process in the order we receive your email. Note that we have received a large number of in-house review permit applications, so it may take us a couple of weeks to get back to you.

Submitting Addenda for an approved Site Permit originally submitted on paper

If you would like to submit an addendum to an approved site permit that was originally submitted on paper, please email .

Submitting Addenda for a previously submitted online permit

Addenda for previously submitted online permit applications are accepted through the City’s website at .

Resubmit plans to address comments for a previously submitted online building permit application

Upload plans that you changed in response to plan checker comments in Bluebeam:




Updated: February 9, 2021