Why BORP? - For Owners

What is BORP?

DBI's Building Occupancy Resumption Program (BORP) is a program that allows San Francisco building owners to precertify private post-earthquake inspection of their buildings by qualified engineers upon DBI acceptance of a written inspection program.

Is BORP for me?

If you rely on uninterrupted occupancy for your building, BORP could get you back in business sooner after a quake. If you'd like to talk with building owners who are in the program, call Technical Services Division at 558-6205 for specifics.

What does BORP cost?

Cost vary widely, based on the size and complexity of the building, familiarity of the selected inspectors with the structural system, and the extent of preparation required to complete the written inspection program. There is no fee to DBI.

Why not wait for free inspection?

The inspections performed by DBI and mutual aid volunteer inspectors, usually 3-10 days after the earthquake, are rapid safety assessments. A more detailed structural evaluation is often recommended to determine building condition, and the owner would be required to pay for it. If you don't need to restore occupancy or operations for several days following a disaster, BORP may not be for you.

Why not hire an engineer after the earthquake?

If you need a structural evaluation of your building, you may have to wait many weeks for an engineer to become available due to the limited number of local structural engineers and their prior arrangements or other commitments.

Why not have an engineer on retainer for post-quake inspection without BORP?

Only engineers preapproved for BORP-listed buildings may post buildings with official City placards before mutual aid arrives, usually 3-5 days after an earthquake.

What does the submittal to DBI include?

The package should include completed forms, resumes, building photo and description, access and evacuation information, and written inspection plan.

How do I find an engineer to write my plan?

If you don't know a civil or structural engineer experienced in the design of buildings similar in size and complexity to yours, contact the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California (SEAONC) which maintains a list of licensed engineers interested in providing post-earthquake inspection plans. SEAONC's phone number is 415-974-5147.

Who approves the submittal?

Documents are reviewed by DBI staff and members of the SEAONC Disaster Emergency Services BORP subcommittee.

How do I get my building on the BORP list?

After committee review agrees that a submittal meets the BORP requirements, the building is placed on the BORP list, the owner is sent verification, and the assigned inspectors are sent City authorization, forms, and placards.

How do I keep my building on the BORP list?

Complete and submit a biennial renewal form listing any changes in the building or inspectors that have been made over the past year.

You can download a copy the program from the DBI website - or obtain hard copy from Technical Services Division at  415-558-6205.