Backflow Preventer

For More Information on Backflow Preventers

Steven Panelli, Chief Plumbing Inspector
Department of Building Inspection
1660 Mission Street, Third Floor
San Francisco CA 94103
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Protect your property from flooding! Backflow preventers are now eligible under SFPUC’s Floodwater Grant. They are devices that prevent water from flowing backwards, back into a resident’s water distribution system.

This may occur when there are intense storm events that can overwhelm urban stormwater systems and thus cause flooding. When backflow occurs, the water that gets pushed back into the system may be contaminated and can cause the residents to get sick.

If you are considering installing a backflow preventer, please contact Chief Plumbing Inspector Steven Panelli to arrange a plumbing survey and see if this installation is suitable for your property.

For more information on the Floodwater Grants, please visit here.

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