Storm and Flood Preparedness

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With winter storms on the horizon, you should be taking the necessary steps to prepare to deal with possible flooding and addressing any issues involving your roofs and gutters to withstand severe weather and impending storms.

Tips for Contractors

  • Be aware of weather conditions and prepare job sites for storms as soon as possible
  • Fill and/or cover up trenches and building openings to prevent water collection
  • Remove tools, debris or any items from construction sites that can be blown away
  • Protect ceiling and roof work that is in progress
  • Secure scaffolding in anticipation of strong winds

Tips for Property Owners

  • Check your roof for leaks or missing/damaged tiles and shingles
  • Clear gutters, downspouts and drains of debris and clogs
  • Secure or remove patio furniture, i.e. umbrellas, chairs, tables, tarps and awnings to reduce wind-blown damage
  • Inspect and repair exterior appendages (deck, balcony, stairs) on your property
  • Prepare your emergency kit, have adequate supplies, and review your emergency plan with family members.

Homeowners - You may be eligible for SFPUC’s New and Improved Floodwater Grant! Intense storm events can overwhelm any urban stormwater system, including SF's. Low-lying neighborhoods are especially prone to flooding. San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC)’s innovative Floodwater Grant Program is available for San Francisco property owners to implement projects that will minimize floodwater intrusion on their properties. We recently made modifications to the Grant to better serve the needs of property owners in San Francisco. In addition to flood barriers and backflow preventers, these modifications expand the types of eligible projects to include flood walls and special projects (doorway adjustments / modifications and associated stairs, doorway waterproofing, grade adjustments to property owned by the Applicant, plumbing/drainage modifications, or projects of a similar nature/scale.) Considering to install a backflow preventer through the Grant? Make sure to contact DBI at or 415-558-6058. Funding for the Grant is limited, so hurry up and apply now! For more information and to apply, please visit


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