Vacant or Abandoned Buildings Frequently Asked Questions

Found below are some Frequently Asked Questions we've received. If you don't see your question here, please contact Code Enforcement Section at (628) 652-3430. 

Vacant Building1. I have recently acquired property that was placed on the Vacant or Abandoned Building List. How do I remove/deregister it now that it is occupied?

If you are occupying a property that you have recently acquired by ownership or lease agreement, you must provide proof of occupancy in order for the Department to deregister your property from the vacant or abandoned list. Proof of occupancy may be determined by providing a copy of each of the following documents:

  1. Your most recent PG&E or gas and electric statement indicating property address
  2. Your most recent Recology or garbage statement indicating property address
  3. Your most recent PUC or water statement indicating property address
  4. Your current lease or rental agreement indicating property address

2. Can I deregister if I’ve been issued a valid Building Permit Application for the property on the Vacant or Abandoned Building list?

Depending upon the type and scope of the building permit issued, you may wish to contact the Building Inspector directly to ascertain if this permit will enable you to deregister the property from the vacant or abandoned building list for one year after the initial permit issue date, after which you must re-register. Proof of permit activity would be a copy of the signed Job Card. You may contact Code Enforcement Section at (628) 652-3430 with any questions.

3. I don’t think my building should be on the list. It complies with all applicable codes, does not contribute to blight, is ready for occupancy and is being actively listed for sale.

If so, you should provide verification indicating this activity, including the real estate or MLS listing number. Without this verification, the Department has no way of knowing the condition of the property without performing site inspections.

4. I have recently sold property or had a transfer of interest for property which had been placed on the Vacant or Abandoned Building list and no longer wish to be identified as the owner of record.

If you have recently sold property or had a transfer of interest in property that had been placed on the Vacant or Abandoned Building list, simply notify our office that you are deregistering as the responsible party. Once informed, we will send all vacant or abandoned building annual application renewal packages to the new owner of record according to the Office of the Assessor-Recorder.

5. I received notice of a Director's Hearing, when are they scheduled?

Director's Hearings for the Vacant or Abandoned Building/Commercial Storefront Program are scheduled for the first and third Friday of each month unless otherwise noted. The exact time and date of your hearing will be in your Director's Hearing notice. To view upcoming Director's Hearing meeting schedule, please visit