Small Business Inspections Ambassadors Program

Get help with final inspections to open your business

What we do

Whether it’s helping a business owner schedule an inspection, explaining how to address an outstanding code requirement or just providing clarity about what is needed to complete a permit and get a business approved for occupancy, the Small Business Inspections Ambassadors are here to help.

The ambassadors will coordinate with DBI inspectors and staff to troubleshoot any inspections-related issues and serve as a liaison for the business owner during the final days before the business opens. The ambassadors will help coordinate needed inspections and will work with you and other DBI staff directly to help address and resolve any inspections issues delaying you from opening your business.

If you think you may need help, send us a message a few weeks before you plan to open and our Small Business Inspections Ambassadors will work with you to keep your opening ontrack!

Contact us

Be sure to include information about the challenges you are encountering and your target opening date. We will respond within 48 hours.