Slope Protection Checklist

Guidelines for Completing the SSPA Checklist

Fill out checklistCompleting Section 1:

Applicants shall mark the appropriate box in Section 1 “Property Location” to determine whether the subject property falls within the Earthquake Induced Landslide Hazard Zones in San Francisco.

Completing Section 2:

Applicants shall mark the appropriate box in Section 2 “Average Slope of Property” to identify whether the average slope of the subject property exceeds 4H:1V.

Completing Section 3:

Applicants shall mark all appropriate boxes in Section 3 “Proposed Construction” associated with the proposed construction.If required, a DBI Plan Reviewer shall mark the box associated with “Others” indicating additional scope of work that may have a substantial impact on the slope stability of the site or create a potential for earthquake induced landslide hazards

Completing Section 4:

The licensed design professional of record shall provide and complete all information required in Section 4 “Licensed Design Professional Verification and Signatures” and affix their professional stamp and signature in the allocated box.