Reroofing Permit

Online Reroofing Permits
On Monday, October 19, DBI is launching a new online permit portal for C-39 licensed contractors to file their re-roofing permits. If you are a C-39 licensed contractor and would like to use this new portal to file your reroofing permit, you will need to create a DBI online contractor account. Please see below to start the registration process today. 

This new portal is a part of the Department of Building Inspection’s effort to expand the portfolio of permits we issue online.

Requirements to Submit Reroofing Permit online:

C-39 licensed contractors can file re-roofing permits online if their permit meets the following: 

  1. The permit being submitted does not require plans
  2. The permit is for an R-3 (residential) building only

For customers requesting a Street Space Waiver with a reroofing permit, you must obtain the reroofing permit in person during our limited in-person services. Please visit here for more information.

Steps to Register for a DBI Contractor Account

In order to take advantage of filing for your reroofing permit online, you must be a C-39 licensed contractor. You will need to take the following steps to create a new DBI online account:

Step 1: Read and comply with the Instructions and Registration Requirements for DBI Online Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing permits.

Step 2: To access these DBI online services, please complete the Contractor’s Agreement and Terms of Service form (PDF).

Step 3: Send the Contractor’s Agreement and Terms of Service form completed and signed to the Department of Building Inspection, Management Information Services via the methods below. Upon receipt of this form and with license verification completed, DBI Online Services will issue your account, which will enable you to print permits from home.

Mail: 49 South Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA 94103 Attn: Online Permitting
Fax: (628) 652-3489

Online Permit Filing Convenience Fee: A convenience/service fee will be applied, of up to 2.5% with a minimum of $2.00 for Electrical, Plumbing and Boiler permits in addition to all current DBI Fees.

Questions about the registration process? If you have any questions or having trouble signing in to your online contractor account, please contact