Request for a Virtual Pre-Application Meeting

Request for a Virtual Pre-Application Meeting

We are accepting virtual pre-application meeting requests for all projects. Pre-application meetings allow for review and comment of specific design issues by the Department of Building Inspection and other permitting agencies, such as Planning and Fire, prior to a permit application submission or prior to the submittal of addenda to a site permit.  


Steps for applicant to submit pre application request during the Stay Home order

To request a virtual pre-application meeting, you can send an email to DBI staff at

The email request will need to contain pre-application materials, such as, request letter (which can include questions) and plans in pdf file format, along with a list of emails for all participants on the request letter (see Administrative Bulletin for the Pre-Application Packet for more information).  Permit Processing Center staff will use the participant list contact information for sending out invitations and participant code for the conference call meetings.

The pre-application request will be screened by a senior plan reviewer in the order it was received, and Permit Processing Center staff will email applicants the review fees due and to set up the meeting after the screening process is complete.

The pre-application meeting will not be conducted until payment is received. DBI accepts check, wire transfer and ACH. All checks payable to CCSF-DBI. Write the project address on the check. There is a cost for wire transfers and ACH payments that individual banking institutions charge.

The pre-application meeting will be held via conference call and may last an hour to an hour and a half. Permit Processing Center staff will send out participant code to applicants and other relevant departments (such as the Planning and Fire departments) through email.

Pre-application meeting materials which are screened by a senior plan reviewer will be attached in the email for all attendees to use during the meeting.

DBI will provide a digital copy of the signed pre-application letter upon completion of the pre-application meeting and receipt of payment.

To find out more information about the Pre-Application process click here