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Instructions and Registration Requirements

Contractor Validation:
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To use the Department of Building Inspection (DBI) Online Permit and Scheduling System, all users must have the following:

1.    Valid California Contractor License

Visit the California Contractors State License Board on how to obtain this and check for validity.

         General Building contractors must have: 

  • B License to schedule building permit inspections online.

Electrical contractors must have:

  • C10  license to obtain any of the electrical work offered online.
  • C7    license to obtain any of the electrical work for low voltage offered online.
  • C45  license to obtain any of the electrical work for electrical sign offered online.
  • C46  license to obtain any of the electrical work for electrical for solar system offered online.
  • D28  license to obtain any of the electrical work for garage door offered online. 
  • D34  license to obtain any of the electrical work for prefabricated office workstation offered online.

          Plumbing contractors must have:

  • C4 or C36 license to obtain plumbing permit.

  • C16 license to obtain a sprinkler permit.

  • C20 or D34 license to obtain a mechanical permit.

  • C54 license to obtain plumbing permit for shower pan only.

2.    Valid San Francisco Business License

Visit Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector : Business Registration Certificate for how to obtain or renew business licenses.  All requirements by the treasurer tax collector office must be fulfilled to release a ‘HOLD’ on your license.  If a temporary Business Tax Certificate has been issued, please fax a copy to (628) 652-3249 or hand deliver to the Department of Building Inspection, Central Permit Bureau at 49 South Van Ness Avenue, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103.

3.    Valid Workman’s Compensation Certificate

4.    Department of Building Inspection Contractor Database Registration

You must be registered as a Licensed Contractor within DBI’s Contactor Database. If you have not registered in our database, please provide the following items in person to Central Permit Bureau at 1660 Mission Street, 1st floor:

  •   All of the documents above (items 1-3)
  •   Your valid driver’s license

 5.    A username and password provided by DBI Online Services Support

  • ALL above steps must have been completed first (Items 1-4).
  • The website address for the forms necessary and information on where to send them is: Instant Online Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Permits
  • DBI Online Services Support will confirm that the information provided is for a valid contractor and that the contractor’s company name matches its contractor license number and business license number in the DBI Permitting system.
  • You will be contacted with your username and password assignment.
  • Once your account has been created and validated, you will be contacted with your username and password assignment by DBI online services support.  Please allow 1 week processing from date of application.