Expanded Over-The-Counter Services

Expanded (OTC) Over the Counter Plan Check Services for Qualified Projects

As part of DBI’s Permit Process streamlining efforts, an expanded Over the Counter (OTC) review process is available daily from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm with the last customer accepted at 4:00 pm. Please visit the full DBI Hours of Operation Schedule.

After check-in at the 1st Floor Information Counter, permit applicants seeking building permits for projects that can be reviewed by each review group within a one hour (1) time period will be given a routing ticket and are directed to plan review staff on the 5th floor. 

        •     For permits with plans, the applicant will sign-in with Initial Plan Review (IPR) for screening, routing and data input. 
        •     For permits without plans, the applicant will sign-in with Plan Review Services (PRS) for review and approval. 
        •     After approval by the required agencies, the applicant will sign-in for payment and permit issuance. 

Special Note: Sign in for payments and permit issuance will be accepted only until 4:00 pm for all OTC permits each day.

Over the counter permit process without plansOver the counter permit process with plans

5th Floor Review Groups 

    Department of Building Inspection (DBI): Architectural/Structural and Mechanical/Green Code/Energy 
    Department of City Planning (DCP) 
    Department of Public Works/ Bureau of Street Use and Mapping (DPW/BSM)
    San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC)
    San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD)
    Department of Public Health (DPH):  (Tues. & Thurs. 10am to 12pm) Information on Maher Ordinance-Earthwork/Soil 

Examples of Building Permit work that does not require plans

1.    Existing Kitchen/Bathroom alterations with no changes to the floor plan
2.    Existing Window Replacements (Photo samples of new windows required for City Planning)
3.    Re-roofing existing roof covering materials
4.    Repairs to exterior siding and existing legally permitted decks
5.    Termite repairs
(Pest Control Report required)
Replacement of garage doors (Photo required for City Planning)

For more information or questions about the Over the Counter process, please call (415) 558-6133.