Over-the-Counter Form and Supporting Documents

When filing your Over-the-Counter permit application during curbside services, you will need to complete permit application Form 3/8. Select and print the Building Form 3/8 using legal 8.5 X 14" paper size and print application on both sides. You may need to bring other supporting documents found below. 



Planning Department
For all projects requiring Planning Department review, please review the Plan Submittal Guidelines and our Permit Application Intake Checklist to ensure you have submitted all of the required information based on project type. Please see Guidelines and Checklist below.
New retail businesses require submittal of an affidavit to verify whether the use is considered a Formula Retail Use under the Planning Code. Please see Affidavit below.

Public Utilities Commission

To ensure that SFPUC reviews your permit application in a timely manner,
please complete and submit the Fixture Count Form (if required) with your permit application.