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Earthquake Preparedness

Emergency response to earthquake

Being Prepared

Earthquakes are terrifying natural disasters with just as terrible aftereffects.

Take the necessary steps today to get your property and family ready for the next emergency. We cannot predict the next natural disaster, but together we can take the next steps in being prepared.

Having the necessary kits, tools and plans can significantly lessen the damage caused by an earthquake as well as help you bounce back faster.

Please find below resources and programs to help you prepare for an earthquake. 

Earthquake damage in the Marina

Building Occupancy Resumption Program (BORP) 

This award-winning DBI program allows San Francisco building owners to pre-certify private post-earthquake inspection of their buildings by qualified engineers upon acceptance of a written inspection program. Find out more about the program requirements and details.

For Owners - FAQ for building owners.
For Engineers - Guidelines for engineers

Emergency preparedness kit

Personal Preparedness 

California relief map

(Map Source

AnchorHazard Maps 

Aftermath of Loma Prieta earthquake

Helpful Earthquake Information 

Looking down Sacramento Street after 1906 earthquake

AnchorPast Bay Area Earthquakes 

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