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Information Sheets


DA-01                Ordinance on Telephone Jacks and Grab Bars for SROs
DA-02                Disabled Access Upgrade Compliance Checklist Package (For Existing Buildings Only) (Word)
DA-03                Chapter 11A Multi-Family Dwelling Unit Kitchen Cabinets
DA-04                The Use of Power Door Operators in Lieu of Level Landings at Doors

DA-05                 Use of Powered Door Operators in Lieu of Exterior and Interior Doors and Gates Side Clearances
                           and Opening Force is Existing Buildings
DA-06                 Pending Permit Applications Filed Under Previous Codes
DA-07                 Rails and Barriers for Protruding Objects
DA-08                 Accessible Route to Accessible Toilet Compartments
DA-09                 Multi-Family Dwelling Parking Requirements (Word)
DA-10                 Restrooms Within A Reasonable Distance (Word)
DA-11                 Multi-family Dwelling Requirements for Common Area Kitchens, Dwelling Unit Kitchen, Bathroom                                  Showers, Entry Doors and Mailboxes (Word)
DA-12                 Path of Travel Obligations for Seismic Mitigation Projects in Mixed Use Buildings (Word)
A-13                 Change of Use and Occupancy, and Paty of Travel Upgrades (Word) 
DA-14                  Bar Top and Counters (Word) 
DA-15                  Drinking Fountains, Water Coolers, Break Room Sinks and Bottle Fillers (Word) 


EG-01                  Exiting and Fire Sprinkler Requirements for Roof Decks
EG-02                   Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings to Yard for R-3 Occupancies
EG-03                   Exiting Requirements for Addition and Alteration to Existing Non-Sprinklered R-3 Single
                          Family B
uilding Not Exceeding 3 Stories Under 2013 SFBC 
EG-04                   Emergency Escape and Rescue Openings: Correction to SFBC Section 1029.1


FS-01                Combustible Roof Decks for R-3 Occupancies (Word)
FS-02                RESERVED
FS-03                Sprinkler Systems in R3 Occupancy (Word)

FS-04                Fire Safety Requirements for Wood-frame Buildings during Construction
FS-05               Sprinkler Systems Requirements for Addition or Legalization of Dwelling Unit (Word)
Fire Protection for Decks in Rear Yard (Word)
FS-07                  Elevator Lobbies in High-Rise Buildings (Word)


G-01                    Signature on Plans
G-02                    Approval of Various Plan Review Procedures (Word)
G-03                    Assigning Street Addresses
G-04                    Signs
G-05                    Affixing Building Enlargement Description Stamp
G-06                    Cancellation, Withdrawl, Extension and Reactivation of Permit Applications 

                           That Are Not Issued
G-07                    RESERVED
G-08                    RESERVED
G-09                    RESERVED
G-10                    RESERVED
G-11                    School Impaction Fee Administration (Word)
G-12                    Priority Permit Process Guidelines for Projects Providing 100% Affordable Housing and                                          Projects Providing less than 100% Affordable Housing

G-13                    Construction Cost Estimate for Determination of Permit Fee or Refund
G-14                    Various Ordinance and Resolutions (Word)
G-15                    Documenting Removal or Loss of Dwelling Units Checklist
G-16                    HELD FOR REVISION: Disclosure from Owner, Agent and Contractor at Building 

                             Permit Application Submittal and Permit Issuance
G-17                     Legalization of Dwelling Units Installed Without a Permit (Chinese) (Spanish) (Word)

G-19                     Permit Processing Guidelines for Play Areas and Play Components at the City &
                             County of San Francisco (City) Owned, Leased, or Publicly Funded Sites
G-20                     Interim Criteria - Building Permit Application Routing to City Agencies (Word)
G-21                     Products Acceptance (Word)
Addition of Dwelling Units per Ordinance No. 30-15 (Chinese) (Spanish)
G-24                    Memorandum of Understanding Procedures for Plan Review Only NEW


GB-01                Green Building Submittal Instructions per AB-093 (Updated 7/1/14)


IE-01                    Natural Light
Sizing of yards and courts adjacent to exterior openings that provide required natural light                                            or ventilation (Word)


M-01                     Additions and Alterations to Exiting Non-Residential Buildings after January 1, 2014 
M-02                  FAQ on 2013 California Energy Code (Word)
M-03                  2013 Title-24 Energy Forms for Low-rise Residential Buildings (Word)
M-04                  2013 Title-24 Energy Forms for High-rise Residential, Hotel/Motel and Non-residential
                           Buildings (Word)
M-05                  Routing to Mechanical (Word)
M-06                  Submittal of 2013 Title-24 Installation, Verification, and Acceptance Energy
                             Certificates (Word)



P-01                  Alternate Water Systems (WORD) NEW   
Water-Conserving Fixtures and Fittings


S-01                    Structural Submittal Requirements for (A) Tower Crane Foundation
                           and Attachment
 Permit and (B) Foundation
S-02                    Suspended Ceilings
S-03                    Tension Anchors in UMBs

S-04                    Demolition Permits (Word)
S-05                    Geotechnical Report Requirements (Word)
S-06                    Acceptance of Adhesive Concrete Anchors
S-07                    Interpretation of SFBC Section 3402B, Exception 1
S-08                        Misc. Clarification of AB-107 on Engineering Criteria in SFBC Chapter 34B (Word)
S-09                        Permit Process for Earthquake Brace & Bolt (EBB) Program (Word)
S-10                        Balconies and Decks (Word)
S-11                       Procedure of Processing Private School Earthquake Evaluation Reports (Word) NEW   

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