Structural Design Geotechnical Peer Review

As-Needed Consultant Services for Structural Design and Geotechnical Review



The City seeks responses from Respondents demonstrating expertise in one (1) or more of the following Areas: 1) Structural Design Review/Practicing Structural Engineer; 2) Structural Design Review/Academia and 3) Geotechnical and Geological Engineering Review.

Potential Respondents to RFQ # DBI2020-26:

Please be sure to follow the submittal requirements found under 4. Response Requirements on page 4 of the RFQ.  This will ensure timely submission of required response packages.

Request for Qualifications

Addendum:               May 22, 2020 Addendum No. 1

Addendum:               June 16, 2020 Addendum No. 2

Attachment 1:           Acknowledgement of RFQ Terms and Conditions (Fillable PDF)

Attachment 2:           City's Contract Monitoring Division

Attachment 3:           City's Administrative Requirements

Attachment 4:           City's Agreement Terms and Conditions (Fillable PDF)

Attachment 5:           Response Template (Fillable PDF)

Additional Documents:        RFQ Answers

Notice of Intent:                    Establish a Prequalified List 07-24-20


Intent of this Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

The City may use the prequalified list, at its sole and absolute discretion, to select consultants/professionals and academic experts and negotiate contracts on an as- needed basis for two (2) years, which the Department may extend in its sole discretion up to four (4) years from the prequalification date, if the Department has met the requirements of San Francisco Administrative Code Section 21.4 (c) (2). 


RFQ Issued 04-24-20
Deadline for RFQ Questions 05-08-20 (1 pm PST)
Deadline for RFQ Answers 05-22-20 (5 pm PST)
Deadline for RFQ Responses 06-12-20 (1 pm PST)
Notice of Intent to Establish a Prequalified List 06-26-20

* Each date subject to change.  All hours are Pacific Time.  Check for the latest schedule.