Seismic Safety Outreach Program Curriculum

For more information on the Seismic Safety Outreach Program, contact

Patrick Hannan
Communications Director

Department of Building Inspection
49 South Van Ness Avenue, 5th Fl
San Francisco CA 94103
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Crowd of people attending a workshop


The workshop curriculum includes:

            1. Personal Preparedness - This general class covers the three steps to personal preparedness focusing on a multi-hazard approach.  This allows individuals to get hands - on training in a workplace environment. Tailored classes will be available to meet the specific needs of targeted audiences including workplace groups, youth, seniors, people with disabilities, underserved populations, non-English speakers and more.

            2. Basic First Aid and Citizen CPR- The purpose of this training is to teach untrained bystanders how to perform hands-only CPR, control external bleeding and manage shock in an emergency. Having more citizen bystanders trained in these simple skills can help save lives in unexpected emergencies.

            3. Earthquake Mitigation - Although we cannot predict when an earthquake will occur, much of the damage caused by earthquakes is predictable and preventable. Securing your home and taking special considerations for potential hazards can protect you and your loved ones from injury and harm.

            4. Response and Recovery - The quick response and recovery during and after a catastrophic disaster can allow the community to rebound quicker.  Learning the basic techniques and building useful resources to support your personal and neighborhood recovery is immensely important.

            5. Fire Safety - Lectures will center on preparing and preventing a home fire, steps to take in response to a home fire and the recovery actions to be taken immediately after a home fire. Instructors will go through home safety checklists, family disaster plans and teach participants how to use a fire extinguisher and install smoke alarms.