Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Task Force - February 19, 2015 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
February 19, 2015 - 9:00am
1650 Mission, Room 431

Meeting Minutes February 19, 2015
9:00 AM 10:30 AM
1650 Mission Street, Room 431


Members Present: Rosemary Bosque (DBI); Dan Jordan (SRO Tenant); Nicolette Alexander (Tenant Representative); Pratibha Tekkey (Central City SRO Collaborative); Raul Fernandez-Berriozabal (SRO Families United Collaborative); Sam Patel (SRO Operator); Bruce Burge (SRO Operator); Yvonne Mere (City Attorney’s Office)

Excused Absences: Amelia Rudburg (Non-profit SRO Operator/Manager); Wolfgang Stuwe (DPH Housing & Urban Health); Johnson Ojo (DPH-BEHS), Angela Chu (Chinatown SRO Collaborative); Scott Walton (HSA)

Guest: Berkeley Adams, Program Coordinator, SF-Marin Food Bank, Mario Oblena (DPH)

Minutes:  Matt Czajkowski (DBI-HIS)


1. Call to Order:


Meeting called to order at 9:13 a.m.


2. Roll Call/Determination of Quorum:


There was a quorum.


3. Approval of Meeting Minutes for January 15, 2015


Approval of the minutes was tabled until the next meeting by Rosemary Bosque.


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4. Administrative Announcements:


Rosemary Bosque stated that she had no administrative announcements.


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5. Presentation by Berkeley Adams, Program Coordinator, SF-Marin Food Bank


Berkeley Adams indicated that there are three hundred and forty (340) related shop agencies in San Francisco and Marin. Twenty-four percent (24%) of food is distributed through their program while Seventy-six percent (76%) is through pantries. One (1) in four (4) residents need assistance in the San Francisco and Marin distribution area.


Ms. Adams stated the food is provided free. Forty-six (46) million pounds distributed last year, about forty-seven (47) million pounds predicted this year. They serve 144 thousand people weekly. 61% is produce. The Food Bank partners with Farm to Families who links with farmers to get surplus or not retail quality produce. The Food Bank and its partners provide one hundred and five thousand (105,000) meals daily.


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Mario Oblena asked if the food safety certificate was equivalent to a restaurant worker’s certificate.


Berkeley Adams stated that the certificate was for general food safety, not a legal certificate for commercial food handling. The Food Bank trains food handlers for this general purpose.


Mario Oblena asked if the Food Bank review proper hand washing procedures with the food handlers.


Berkeley Adams stated that the food safety course addresses that at a basic level. The Food Bank monitors for proper food storage.


Rosemary Bosque asked where the “closed pantries” in SRO’s are located.


Berkeley Adams stated that the pantries are located in the lobby, usually, but it depends on the site. If there’s a community room, the pantry is there. Another location could be a laundry room.


Rosemary Bosque asked if an SRO operator wanted to start a pantry could they call 2-1-1 for assistance.


Berkeley Adams stated to call her using the contact information on her business card. The shopping program could be a good option now as the Food Bank are not opening any more SRO pantries at this time. It is still great for the Food Bank to know where people want a pantry.


Rosemary Bosque asked where the Food Bank is located.


Berkeley Adams stated that the Food Bank warehouse was located on Potrero Hill but the Food Bank is quickly outgrowing that facility.


Rosemary Bosque asked if the Food Bank at the Potrero Hill warehouse was for both San Francisco and Marin counties.


Berkeley Adams stated that the business merger happened four (4) years ago. There are different challenges in Marin County. Each area such as Marin has unique challenges.


Rosemary Bosque asked who does an individual contact in order to volunteer.

Berkeley Adams stated that prospective volunteers go to the SF-Marin Food Bank website. They may sign up as an individual or office group. There is mostly manual labor, but there is some office work. The Food Bank volunteers work eight (8) hours a day.


Rosemary Bosque asked if a majority of the produce comes from the San Joaquin valley.


Berkeley Adams stated that the produce comes from the valley. The supply is relative to the season. The summer and fall months are when the produce is bountiful, and there is a surplus.


Rosemary Bosque asked how long the Food Bank has been in existence.

Berkeley Adams stated they have been in existence for twenty-eight (28) years, and that the Executive Director has been there twenty-five (25) years.


Rosemary Bosque asked if the need was growing for the food bank services.


Berkeley Adams stated that the demand is growing because people were devastated by the recession.


Rosemary Bosque asked how they received donation of dry goods.


Berkeley Adams stated that the Food Bank does not solicit dry good items. However, hygiene products and storage containers have been donated from such entities as Sam’s Club/Walmart. The Food Bank connects people to agencies who receive and distribute dry goods.


Rosemary Bosque asked Berkeley Adams if she is the Program Director for all of San Francisco.


Berkeley Adams stated that she has assigned to the Tenderloin. Other Program Directors may have multiple areas. The Tenderloin is dense and most of the program work is in SROs.


Rosemary Bosque asked what the trends in the Tenderloin are.


Berkeley Adams stated that there were fewer families, more seniors and individuals who do not want things that need preparing. These individuals have nowhere to cook or store food. We call it “Farmers’ Market” style. They have the dignity of choosing their own food. It also prevents waste.

We have information packets and free eats charts for any day of the week.



6. Report from SRO Collaboratives


SRO Families United Collaborative: Raul Fernandez-Berriozabal stated the Collaborative is working on their city wide census report on families in SROs, and will be able to present the results in few months.


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7. Prioritization of Future Meetings


Rosemary Bosque stated that a draft directory was being prepared for the next meeting. After reviewing the prototype, if members have suggestions they were requested to email it to herself, Nicole Rossini or Matt Czajkowski.


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Meeting adjourned at 9:55 a.m.