Soft Story Properties List


Soft Story Properties List

The Mandatory Soft Story Program provides a weekly update on the status of properties identified as soft story. Should you have any questions on the status of your property or would like more information on the Soft Story Program, please contact (628) 652-3706 or email

Map of Soft Story Properties List

The map below is a representation of the different Compliance Tiers for the Mandatory Soft Story Program and the current status of these properties. For more information on the Compliance Tiers, please contact the Soft Story Program.

  • Tier I. Buildings that contain a Group A, E, R- 2.1, R-3.1 or R-4 occupancy on any story
  • Tier II. Buildings containing 15 or more dwelling units, except for buildings assigned to Tier I or Tier IV
  • Tier III. Building not falling within the definition of another tier.
  • Tier IV. Buildings that contain a Group B or M occupancy on the first story or in a basement or underfloor area that has any portion extending above grade, and buildings that are in mapped liquefaction zones, except for buildings assigned to Tier 1. 

Click on any point on the map to find out information on the property address, compliance tier and current status. You may also view the data here and filter the information by tier or status.