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Public Advisory Committee

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

1660 Mission Street

Room 2001




Vivian Day welcomed attendees to the meeting and introductions were made.




Vivian Day reviewed the owner builder declaration. This new form will need to be submitted with the permit application. Permits will not be issued until the items listed on the form have been initialed and signed by the property owner. On the form, the owner can authorize an agent to act on their behalf. A copy of the property owner’s driver’s license, form notarization, or other verification that is acceptable to the agency is required to be presented when the permit is issued to verify the property owner’s signature. This form will need to be filled out for every permit application for an owner’s permit.


In the case of a high rise building where a tenant requests the permit application, Vivian Day stated that the tenant is considered an owner because they are a long term lessee. It was asked if DBI would require documentation from an LLC or management company. Vivian answered yes because DBI would need a paper trail back to the owner. Should agents change midstream through a project, the permit will not be issued until all information is current or a revised form is submitted with the new information. Contractors are exempt from filling out the form.


These forms will be implemented on February 1st, and the information will be posted on the DBI website.


It was suggested that DBI look at the loophole for work done by out of town contractors who may not pay city tax or have a city business license.


3.         sample permit application form from calbo


            Vivian Day reviewed the draft permit application form from CALBO. She asked the PAC review this form and bring back comments for the next meeting.




There was a discussion about the over the counter changes such as the release of plans. Staff has been working internally with the City Attorney regarding this issue. They have not yet come to a resolution. Based on the opinions received, it is more in favor of not releasing the plans until they are ready to be issued.


There was an inquiry as to the status of the 5th floor remodel. Vivian Day responded that at this point, there is no change to report; however, DBI is continuing work. Lighting and fire alarm equipment is being provided by Real Estate. Painting has been completed.

Over the counter operations and processing will move to the 5th floor once the remodel is completed. Submitted jobs and pickup will be handled at the 1st floor. Staff is also working on being more flexible on the OTC hours.


There was an inquiry on the phone system for inspection services. The current system is not working. DBI has purchased software that will make it easier for customers to make inspections. The department continues to work with the inspectors on this item.


There was an inquiry on the status of plumbing permits online. Vivian Day reported that plumbing permits have been online for a month. Electrical permits are still a month or so away. Bill Strawn will prepare a notice informing customers/staff that plumbing is now available online.


It was suggested that DBI be more proactive in searching for illegal work instead of just responding to complaints. Staff is being redeployed to address this item.


There was an inquiry on the status of applying for permits for replacing deck and stairs without plans. Ray Lui stated that this item is addressed in the BPR whereby they are developing an express window where one could apply for a permit, with a limited scope of work, and no plans. Currently, DBI allows one to have a deck replacement/repair, less than 50%, without plans. The intent is to have a permit review and approval for 100% removal/replacement of an existing deck without plans but with pictures and DBI would provide standard details. At this point, there are standard details that have been developed. There are additional issues DBI staff will need to discuss with Planning. Once all the issues have been worked out with the various agencies, this process will be implemented.


It was brought up that there continues to be delays in the quality control for plan check. Ray Lui stated most jobs are taking 3 days and that he is continuing to monitor this item.


Vivian Day reported staff is working with the School District on possibly collecting their fees at DBI.




No future agenda items were discussed.


            6.        ADJOURNMENT


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 3:10 p.m.