As-Needed Consultant Services for Structural Design and Geotechnical Review RFQ

As-Needed Consultant Services for Structural Design and Geotechnical Review

CONTACT:, (415) 558-6250


The City seeks responses from Respondents demonstrating expertise in one (1) or more of the following Areas: 1) Structural Design Review/Practicing Structural Engineer; 2) Structural Design Review/Academia and 3) Geotechnical and Geological Engineering Review.

Potential Respondents to RFQ # DBI2017-21STRGEOTECH:

Please be sure to follow the submittal requirements found under 4. Response Requirements on page 4 of the RFQ.  This will ensure timely submission of required response packages.


Request for Qualifications

Addendum:              January 19, 2018 Addendum No. 2

Addendum:              October 30, 2017 Addendum No. 1

Attachment 1:          Acknowledgement of RFQ Terms and Conditions (Fillable PDF)

Attachment 2:          Local Business Enterprise Forms

Attachment 3:          City's Administrative Requirements

Attachment 4:          City's Agreement Terms and Conditions (Fillable PDF)

Attachment 5:          Response Template (Fillable PDF)

Additional Documents:      RFQ Answers
                                             RFQ Answers (Re-issued)

Notice of Intent:                 Establish a Prequalified List 02-28-18


Intent of this Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Based on the responses from this Request for Qualifications (RFQ), it is the intent of DBI to create pre-qualified list of consultants/professionals and academic experts from which DBI may choose prospective contractors, on an as-needed basis for up to four (4) years of the prequalification notification date, to advise the Department in structural design and plan review for privately-sponsored projects. Consultants prequalified under this RFQ are not guaranteed a contract.


RFQ Issued 01-19-18
Deadline for RFQ Questions 01-26-18 (12 pm PST)
Deadline for RFQ Answers 02-02-18 (5 pm PST)
Deadline for RFQ Responses 02-09-18 (12 pm PST)
Notice of Intent to Establish a Prequalified List 02-28-18

* Each date subject to change.  All hours are Pacific Time.  Check for the latest schedule.