Administrative & General Design Subcommittee - September 13, 2017 - Agenda

Meeting Date: 
September 13, 2017 - 8:00am
1650 Mission, Room 431
United States
Administrative & General Design 
Disability Access Subcommittee Meeting
DATE: September 13, 2017 
TIME: 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.   
LOCATION: 1650 Mission Street, Room 431 
These subcommittees meet regularly every second Wednesday of the month at 1650 Mission Street, Room 431, 4th Floor (City Planning Department).  If you wish to be placed on a mailing list for agendas, please call (415) 575-6832.
Note: Public comment is welcome and will be heard during each agenda item.  Reference documents relating to agenda are available for review at the 1660 Mission Street, 1st floor.  For information, please call Kirk Means at (415) 575-6832.
1.0 Call to Order, Roll Call and confirmation of quorum.
Tony Sanchez-Corea, Chair, Arnie Lerner, FAIA, CASp, Zachary Nathan, AIA, CASp, Henry Karnilowicz, Jonathan Rodriguez, Nancy Goldenberg, AIA, LEED AP
2.0 General discussions regarding the application of Unreasonable Hardships in complying with Ordinance 51-16 Mandatory Disability Access Improvements. (10 minutes)
3.0 General discussions regarding possible alternate compliance methods for Ordinance 51-16 Mandatory Disability Access Improvements. (10 minutes)
4.0 General discussions regarding proposed changes to Information Sheet DA-02 Disabled Access Upgrade Compliance Checklist Package (For Existing Buildings Only). (10 minutes)
5.0 Introduction and general discussions regarding an Information Sheet G-02 Approval of Various Plan Review Procedures regarding payment of fees at addendum issuance. (10 minutes)
6.0 Introduction and general discussions on exterior elevated entries. (10 minutes)
7.0 Introduction and general discussions regarding receptacles and outlets in kitchens and common use areas of covered multifamily dwellings. (10 minutes)
8.0 General discussions and possible action regarding privately owned covered multifamily dwelling buildings receiving State and/or Federal Tax Credits. (10 minutes)
9.0 Introduction and general discussions regarding a proposed requirement to provide accessible use only signage at required lowered counter areas for accessible persons. (10 minutes)
10.0 Introduction and general discussions regarding a proposed ordinance (file #170869) amending the Police Code to clarify factors that Public Works and the Department of Building Inspection must consider in evaluating special permits to exceed ambient noise levels during night time construction, and to prohibit Public Works from issuing such permits for projects in certain residential areas (outside the area bounded by Pine, Taylor, Market, 8th, Folsom, Fremont, and Front Streets) covered by the Municipal Transportation Agency’s Holiday Moratorium on issuance of daytime special traffic permits; and affirming the Planning Department’s determination under the California Environmental Quality Act. (10 minutes)
11.0 Subcommittee Members’ and Staff’s identification of new agenda items, as well as current agenda items to be continued to another subcommittee regular meeting or special meeting.
12.0 Subcommittee discussion and possible action regarding administrative issues related to building codes. 
13.0 Public Comment: Public comment will be heard on items not on this agenda but within the jurisdiction of the Code Advisory Committee.  Comment time is limited to 3 minutes per person or at the call of the Chair.
14.0 Adjournment.
Note to Committee Members:  Please review the appropriate material and be prepared to discuss at the meeting.  If you are unable to attend, please call Chair Tony Sanchez-Correa at (415) 333-8080 or Building Inspector Kirk Means at (415) 575-6832.  The meeting will begin promptly.