For Immediate Release - February 12 2008


William Strawn, Communications Officer




SAN FRANCISCO, February 12, 2008: Isam Hasenin, P.E., C.B.O., and Director of San Francisco’s Department of Building Inspection, announced the appointment of Neal Izumi Taniguchi as DBI’s new Manager of Support Services, effective Monday, February 25th.  Mr. Taniguchi replaces John Madden, a 30-year City budget and financial veteran, who interrupted his retirement to serve as Acting Manager for the past year.


 “It’s a pleasure to welcome Neal Taniguchi to the department’s executive management team,” Hasenin said. “He offers 20 years’ experience in government financial management, including nine years at the executive level.  He has a proven track record in policy analysis and project management – precisely the skill sets DBI requires as we move the Department forward,” he added.  “Neal will work closely with me on the Department’s budget preparation and monitoring, as well as provide revenue analysis, accounting & payroll functions, and manage personnel and purchasing.”


Taniguchi has a Masters in Public Policy from the University of California at Berkeley, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.  He has served as Chief Fiscal Officer of the Superior Court of California, San Francisco County, for the past nine years where he was responsible for long-range programming, strategic planning, accounting, purchasing and revenue collections.  Prior to his CFO responsibilities, Taniguchi served as Assistant Director of Administrative Services for the City and County, where he was Financial Manager of the $85 million San Francisco Courthouse Construction Project, and implemented a number of entrepreneurial programs – including City Store, Prepaid Phone Cards, and Affinity Credit Cards. 


Taniguchi is an active member of numerous community organizations, including the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation, a nonprofit developer of low-income housing and commercial projects; the Nihonmachi Little Friends Day Care, where he serves on the Board of Directors; and the Japanese Community & Cultural Center of Northern California, where he has served both as its Chief Financial Officer and on its Board.


DBI oversees the effective, efficient, fair and safe enforcement of City building, housing, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and disability access codes for San Francisco’s more than 150,000 buildings. Please visit for more detailed information.