Finance Options for the Mandatory Soft Story Program

The City is currently offering a public financing option, developed in a partnership with the City Administrators office, the Mayor’s Office and AllianceNRG, for property owners wishing to finance their retrofits. Click here to find out more information and apply. 

Cost Passthrough for Property Owners

All work within the scope of this ordinance, as certified per San Francisco Rent Board procedures governing "Seismic Work Required by Law," will be subject to related passthrough regulation and allowances. This work may be passed along at 100%. Although, tenants facing hardship may use the hardship appeal process for passthroughs. Tenants meeting Rent Board criteria will be able to apply for appeal on the basis of financial hardship passed through rent increases resulting from the work. Please click here for that application

On October 10, 2013, Mayor Ed Lee signed into law provisions that clarify the existing process for residential tenant financial hardship, allowing tenants who cannot afford the capital improvement passthrough of the costs of a mandatory seismic retrofit a clearer and simplified path to being granted a hardship exemption as well as clarifying those procedures for property owners. The language of the ordinance can be downloaded here. Also, please contact the San Francisco Rent Board for question at 415-252-4602.

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