Broadway Rockslide Update




MARCH 16, 2007




  • Addresses upgraded on March 9-11, and on March 15, from Red Tag/No Occupancy to Yellow Tag/Restricted Access included:
    • 412 Broadway (Showgirls Nightclub) – can reopen the business and use front of the building, but back of building remains Red Tagged with no access;
    • 455 Vallejo Street – 33 units are now Yellow; 12 units located closest to the ongoing stabilization work remain Red;
    • 426-430  Broadway – Nine units are now Yellow; Four units closest to the ongoing stabilization work remain Red; and
    • 432-434 Broadway -- Three residential units, and one restaurant (Green Garden) are now Yellow with Red restrictions at the rear of the building.
  • Additional Yellow Tags/Restricted Access include:
    • 409 Vallejo – Two residential units – no access to rear decks;
    • 1053-1057 Montgomery – Three residential units – no access to rear stairs, rear yard, rear deck and roof;
    • 438-440 Broadway – 35 residential units, one night club (Dolce) – no access to second floor roof, main roof, and rear yard; limited access to storage area at rear of Dolce (440 Broadway)
  • Red Tag/No Occupancy include:
    • 1035-1039 Montgomery Street –Three residential units
    • 1041-1045 Montgomery Street -- Three residential units
    • 1047-1051 Montgomery Street -- Three residential units
  • Effective immediately, any displaced residents who wish to retrieve personal belongings should call Tel. Number 558-6096 from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday and make an appointment to have a DBI Escort meet you at the corner of Montgomery and Broadway. Weekend hours assistance is available upon telephone request at the same 558-6096 number. 
  • Red Tagged buildings that were upgraded to Yellow Tags over this past week-end were due to DBI’s receipt, analysis and approval of engineering reports. These reports confirmed that thanks to the work completed to date, it is now safe for many of the displaced residents to reoccupy their homes. DBI will continue to make case-by-case decisions on re-occupation, guided by safety considerations.
  • As of March 15, work crews have completed removal of the potentially hazardous retaining wall located near the top of the rock face and just below the 12 units of 455 Vallejo that remain Red Tagged. Geological studies are continuing, with a report and recommendations expected at DBI in approximately two weeks. With hazards mitigated on this property’s share of the rock face, the large crane is expected to leave on March 15 or 16.
  • Based on the engineering reports received by DBI to date, and recommendations made to property owners by the consultants, additional proposals for further investigations at the rock slide site are expected –including one addressing the potential hazard posed by the large column of rock located on 1041 Montgomery’s share of the rock face.


  • The Broadway Rock Slide (BRS) emergency began around 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 27th,when hundreds of tons of rocks broke loose from an old quarry cliff, potentially undermined a 45-unit condominium complex perched on top of the rock cliff, and spilled rocks into six residential and business buildings on Broadway and Montgomery Streets in the City’s Telegraph Hill neighborhood, causing structural damage.
  • For U.S. Mail, displaced residents from all Red Tagged properties should go to the Post Office at 2200 Powell Street (at Francisco) – which has been holding all mail for residents since the beginning of this emergency on Feb. 27th.
  • The Rock Slide affected a total of more than 70 units of housing, and displaced approximately 120 residents.  The American Red Cross set up an Emergency Shelter at the Chinese Recreation Center, 1199 Mason Street, during the first few days where Red Cross Volunteers provided food, clothing, mental health, Chinese language translation services, and other assistance on an as-needed basis. This Shelter is now closed, but anyone with emergency shelter needs should call the American Red Cross at Tel. 415/427-8010 for assistance.
  • On March 1 and March 2, the Red Cross opened a Service Center with the City’s Human Services Agency to secure longer-term housing for displaced residents, as well as food resources, storage of household goods, personal hygiene supplies and mental health/stress management services.  The Service Center is located at the American Red Cross office, 85 Second Street, and it’s open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Contact Woody Baker-Cohn, 415/760-5066, for more information.
  • Any displaced resident with social services’ needs may contact the City’s Human Services Agency at Tel. 415/558-1285, for assistance.
  • Other updates on the Broadway Rock Slide situation are available by calling Tel. 415/558-6089.  This number is monitored by DBI’s Public Services’ staff, and callers may leave names and contact information for a DBI staff person to respond.

    DBI’s website,, also offers a Broadway Rock Slide Information Update section on its homepage.  Please click on the link provided to access the information online.  You also may send email information requests to
  • As a result of meetings between DBI officials and the site’s property owners held throughout the rockslide emergency, as well as internal discussions amongst property owners themselves, DBI received on March 2 a detailed scope of work from the contractors engaged by the property owners. This scope of work addressed first-step hazardous mitigation action required on the site, and was reviewed and approved by DBI. Work began at 7 a.m. Saturday, March 3rd. An extended scope of work was agreed to between property owners and the professional teams on March 6th, when investigations revealed more work needed to be done. DBI continues to monitor closely and to review all work being conducted on the site.
  • The Department issued an Emergency Order and posted it on 1041 Montgomery Street, notifying the property owner that he had forfeited his right to do the work required, as well as the right to challenge the work being done.  Further, he was advised that the Department has the authority to charge him for costs and expenses incurred for this work under Section 102.17 of the San Francisco Building Code. 
  • Once hazardous mitigation remedies are completed, removal of the fallen rocks will then begin, along with building damage assessments and structural repairs on the Broadway and Montgomery Streets’ buildings.  When the property owners’ structural assessments on these buildings are completed, and DBI has had the opportunity to review them to assure safety and code compliance, upgrading and/or removal of No Occupancy Red Tags may begin.
  • Please call DBI’s Public Services at Tel. 415/558-6089 for information on the BRS, and a DBI staff professional will respond to your call.  For media queries, please contact William Strawn, Tel. 415/558-6250, or via email

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