Application For Report of Residential Building Record

3R Report

We are happy to announce the launching of the long awaited 3R Reports online submittal process which allows our customers to submit 3R requests along with credit card payments over the web, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Housing Code, Section 351(A)

It shall be unlawful for the owner of such residential building to sell or exchange same without first having obtained and delivered to the buyer the Report of Residential Building Record herein provided for.   A residential building is defined as a building or portion thereof containing one or more dwelling units but not including hotels containing 30 or more guest rooms, or motels.

Please note:


  1. A 3R Report contains building permit history only. No plumbing or electrical permits will be included. For mixed-use buildings, only building permits pertaining to the residential units will be included. Commercial permits will not be included.  3R fee is $148.00 for each report.  
  2. There will be NO REFUND or CANCELLATION once the request and payment have been received. There is a 2.55% convenience fee per request for online filing. Payment can only be made by Credit Cards (American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa) and an email address is required to process your requests. 
  3. A 3R Report is needed prior to the sale or exchange of any residential building; except for the first sale or exchange of a newly constructed residential building within one year of the date of the Certificate of Final Completion. 
  4. We only accept 6 applications per person/company per day. 
  5. Requests are processed in the date order that they are received. We do not process RUSH orders.
  6. EACH residential building on a given LOT (for example, front and rear buildings), each condominium unit, and each co-op unit require a separate application and payment.  
  7. To start this process, you must know the Block and Lot, AND address for the requested property.

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    PLEASE NOTE: When completing the payment screen, please be sure to only click the SUBMIT button once or you may be charged twice for your transaction.

    For technical support or questions about DBI’s 3R Online Submittal, please email or visit our FAQ area.

    If you have questions regarding our general 3R process, please contact our offices at (628) 652-3420.