Report of Residential Building Record (3R Report)

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The San Francisco Housing Code Section 351(a) requires the seller to provide this report to the buyer of a residential property in the City and County of San Francisco before it is sold. A 3R lists the building permit history and establishes the current occupancy.

A residential building is defined as a building or portion thereof containing one or more dwelling units but not including hotels containing 30 or more guest rooms, or motels.

EACH residential building on a given LOT (for example, front and rear buildings), each condominium unit, and each co-op unit require a separate application and payment.  Each request should only contain one building address. We accept up to six (6) requests per applicant (person/company) per business day.

If this residential building sale falls under the following situations, you do not need to provide the buyer a 3R.

  1. First sale of the residential property, and
  2. Sold within first year of the new construction completion date.

3R requests may be submitted online, by mail, or in-person.

*For mail-in requests, the 3R request must be accompanied with payment (check or money order). Payment by cash or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) must be in person. If payment is by check, all checks must have the bank account holders' name printed on the check. There are no refunds after payment has been received.