2007-2008 DBI Customer Research Surveys

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In September 2008 Corey, Canapary & Galanis Research of San Francisco completed a first-ever quantitative survey and analysis of more than 800 DBI customers who had interacted with DBI on nearly a monthly basis to ascertain customer perceptions of DBI's professional services. The new Survey found that customers ranked overall DBI services at 70 percent overall satisfaction. Please see the 2008 Customer Phone Survey Summary below for details.

The quantitative analysis followed a qualitative analysis conducted in July and August, 2007, where focus groups of building professionals, homeowners and community/industry representatives provided insights on their perceptions and experiences with DBI's professional services. The information obtained from the focus groups helped develop the quantitative survey noted above. Please see the following for details from the Focus Group Survey.

Please contact dbi.communications@sfgov.org for more information.