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Private School Seismic
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Per the Private School Earthquake Program, Ordinance 202-14, existing private elementary and secondary schools in San Francisco are now required to obtain an earthquake evaluation of their campus.

The goal of this program is to ensure that all private school structures are safe for the students and staff who attend them. The program requires school to evaluate the seismic safety of their buildings and structures. Under State law, existing private schools are not required to meet the same rigorous safety requirements as public schools, thus calling for the need of this program.

According to a study by the California Seismic Safety Commission (SSC), 29.1% of school children in San Francisco attend private schools—the highest of California’s counties. These identified schools have been noticed as of November 2014.

Did you receive a Notice of Violation (NOV)? 

If you are a school administrator and have received a notice of violation in regards to your school, you have not reached compliance with the Private School Earthquake Program.

You must comply within 30 days of being noticed. Failure to complete the form (see the Code Enforcement Process) can result in fines and attendance at a Director’s Hearing.

Private schools identified under this program need to turn in the following documents by the required due dates below.

Due Dates:

Exceptions to the Required Evaluation Report

Depending on the use of the school building, there are three exceptions outlined in SFBC Section 3428, which include:

a. Evaluation is not required for buildings occupied by 25 or more persons for less than 12 hours per week or four hours in any given day.
b. Evaluation is not required for schools with an enrollment of 25 or fewer students.
c. Evaluation is not required for buildings not classified as Group “E” occupancy such as churches, places of religious worship, accessory residential buildings or similar non-educational uses.

Voluntary minimum life-safety retrofit is encouraged by the ordinance, but is not required. Detailed information on the voluntary retrofit process is found in SFBC Section 3428.5.



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