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Legislation / Ordinances

Proposed and Pending Legislation / Ordinances:  

  •  Board File No. 120717, On-Site Water Reuse. For commercial, multi-family and mixed-use developments, establishes permitting requirements for the use of alternate water sources for non-potable application. Also sets permit and annual fees to be collected by the Department of Public Health. Status: Land Use Committee hearing on July 30 forwarded the proposed ordinance to the full Board for its first reading on Sept. 4th. This is a voluntary program, not mandatory. May delay issuance of building permits for those opting to participate.
  • Board File No. 120488, Bottle-Filling Stations. Requires new and remodeled buildings with drinking fountains to provide bottle-filling stations, and requires Director of DBI to do public outreach as well as to keep a log of installations during the first three years of the program. DBI to report annually to the Board of Supervisors on the total number of such installations, with no revenue source identified to cover DBI costs. Status: The Code Advisory Committee invited Supervisor Chiu/staff to attend CAC’s Sept. 12th meeting to provide more details. On Land Use’s 30-day calendar, it’s expected to be on the regular Agenda in September for a hearing.
  • Board File No. 120299, Extends restrictions of Apartment Conversion Ordinance to business-sponsored short-term occupancies. Amends Chapter 41 A of the Administrative Code to reduce abuses by corporate leases where rental units may be used for tourists’ residencies of fewer than 30 days and thus remove units otherwise intended for longer-term housing. DBI is the enforcement agency and, per this ordinance, would investigate complaints, provides notices of violation, hold Directors’ hearings and levy penalties as specified. Status: DBI and the City Attorney have suggested revisions. Supervisor Chiu to introduce the legislation in early September, where it will be referred to Land Use and most likely to CAC and the BIC for review/recommendations. 

Passed Legislation / Ordinances: 

  • Board File No. 120655, Annual Assessment of Liens pertaining to code enforcement non-responsiveness. Status: The Board passed unanimously on July 31st its annual Lien Property List, with 93 properties confirmed on this year’s list. Takes effect on August 31, 2012.
  • Board File No. 111047, Obligations of landlords and small business tenants for disability access improvements. Amended codes to require commercial landlords leasing property to small businesses for use as public accommodations to be in compliance with applicable State and Federal disability access laws, or to disclose to tenants that the property may not meet all applicable standards. Also requires notification of potential legal and financial liabilities for failure to comply, and requires the Small Business Commission by Jan. 1, 2013 to develop/distribute an information notice in multiple languages. Requires the City, including DBI, to prioritize building permit applications for compliance work for spaces used by small businesses. Status: Passed unanimously its first reading on July 31st, and is expected to be finally adopted on September 4, 2012. With the Mayor’s signature, it will become law on October 5, 2012.
  • New State Law Effective July 1, 2011 - Carbon Monoxide Devices, see Video Clip on YouTube
  • Commercial Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Legislation including information in Chinese and Spanish.
  • Soft-Story Wood-Frame Buildings (Ordinance No. 54-10) Effective April 19, 2010  


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