Code Advisory Committee


Mission Statement


To preserve and promote the Health, Safety, and Welfare of the public through the regulation of the built environment with codes and standards that are clear, concise, consistent and enforceable, recognizing the unique characteristics of San Francisco, and striking a balance between scientific knowledge and real-world conditions.




The Code Advisory Committee


The Code Advisory Committee (CAC) consists of 17 members who are qualified by training and experience to deliberate and make recommendations on matters pertaining to the development and improvement of the content of the San Francisco Building Code, Mechanical Code, Electrical Code, Plumbing Code, Green Building Code and Housing Code as well as related rules and regulations or proposed ordinances that the Director of the Building Inspection Department determines may have an impact on construction permits. Specific recommendations of this Committee are directed to the Building Inspection Commission for their further action.


The CAC is composed of 17 members appointed by the Building Inspection Commission. The current members and the expiration dates of their seats are:


 NAME                                                                                                    SEAT

J. Edgar Fennie Jr., AIA - Chair                                                             Major Projects Architect
Tony Sanchez-Corea, III - Vice Chair                                                   General Business Community
Arnie Lerner, AIA                                                                                    Historic Preservation Architect
Henry Karnilowicz                                                                                  Commerical  Property Owner/Manager
Lee Yvonne Phillips                                                                                Disability Access Advocate
Jim Reed                                                                                                Electrical Engineer/Contractor
Jerry Cunningham, P.E.                                                                         Fire Protection Engineer
Michael Chavez                                                                                      Major Projects Contactor
Rene Vignos, S.E.                                                                                  Major Projects Structural Engineer
Robert Wong                                                                                          Mechanical Engineer/Contractor
Marc Cunningham                                                                                  Member-at-Large
Ilene Dick                                                                                                Member-at-Large
Jonathan Rodriquez                                                                               Member-at-Large
Kevin Wallace                                                                                        Remodel Contractor
Ira Dorter                                                                                               Residential Projects Contractor
Zachary Nathan, AIA                                                                             Small Projects Architect
Stephen Harris, S.E.                                                                             Small Projects Civil Engineer

Tom C. Hui, S.E., C.B.O.                                                                     Ex-Officio Member
Michie Wong, Fire Marshall                                                                 Ex-Officio Member

All Seats Expire August 18, 2016
(Terms are for three years)



How to Contact the CAC

Kirk Means, Secretary to the Code Advisory Committee may be reached at:


Technical Services Division
Department of Building Inspection
1660 Mission Street, 1st Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103-2414
(415) 575-6832, FAX (415) 558-6401






The CAC meets regularly on the second Wednesday of each month. Each member of the full Committee also serves on a subcommittee.


Disability Accommodations

To request assistive listening devices, sign language interpreters, readers, large print agendas, or other accommodations, please contact Kirk Means 415-575-6832 or at least 48 hours in advance of the hearing.

Language Access

For questions about the Language Access Ordinance, please contact OCEIA at (415) 581-2360 and ask for the Executive Director or Language Access Compliance Officer. Language Assistance:  To request an interpreter for a specific item during the meeting, please contact Kirk Means 415-575-6832 or at least 48 hours in advance of the hearing.




The Agenda is published 72 hours before a regularly scheduled meeting. Agendas are posted at the Main Library in the Government Documents Section, and the Bulletin Board located at the ground floor elevator lobby of 1660 Mission Street. The agendas are also available by contacting Kirk Means, Secretary at 575-6832 and on the Department's website at




Minutes are posted on the Department's website as they become available after the meeting date and/or recordings are available for a small duplication fee.