2007 DBI Summit

The 2nd  "Meet the DBI Pros" Summit – Another Success!


For the second year in a row, DBI hosted its “Meet the DBI Pros’ Summit” at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Designed to make DBI’s impressive professional expertise available to its public customers, the ten workshops covered topics in great demand and attracted 100 more participants than in 2006.


“The Department received a lot of positive feedback from Summit attendees,” DBI Director Hasenin said, “and the workshop presentations by DBI’s expert staff were excellent.  My congratulations to everyone on the staff who helped make this year’s Summit another success.”


New Summit sessions this year included Residential Remodels – which attracted the largest audience of 128, Restaurant Remodels, Green Building/Solar Installations, two new sessions by San Francisco Fire Department on fire alarms and sprinklers, a special presentation on the new Transbay Transportation Hub, and a special training for architects and design professionals on the new International Code changes that take effect in January, 2008.


The training on the new code, managed by one of our Summit partners, AIA San Francisco, was completely sold out .The alternative date for this code training is November 6 – and it is also completely sold out.


We repeated some of the popular Summit workshops from last year – such as How to Obtain a Permit – which drew the second highest audience count, with 121 participants - Condominium conversions, landlord and tenant issues, and residential earthquake preparation.


We nearly doubled the total number of Summit Partners and Information Gallery Tables this year. Some of the participants include:


The US Green Building Council, The Building Science Institute, Cole Hardware, NERT, Simpson Strong Tie and Hilti.


Congratulations to the DBI managers and staff who organized, participated, presented and worked at the Summit making it an excellent success.


With the help from other City agencies, organizations and businesses, the citizens of the City and County of San Francisco had a chance to learn about how they can make their home or business safe.


After a Summit debrief meeting, it has been agreed upon that the next event will be held in 2009.


Below is a summary of the workshop and the presentations made by our Pros:


How To Obtain a Permit.  
When do you need permits? Which permits do you need? And why you need them. This workshop will guide you through the process, and respond to your questions.

See Workshop PowerPoint Presentation



Tenants-Landlords’ Responsibilities and Realities.  
This workshop will help you understand the roles played by DBI’s Housing Inspection Services, as well as the roles played by other City Departments, in the City’s efforts to monitor, enforce and protect residents’ living conditions.

See Workshop PowerPoint Presentation


Residential Remodels
This workshop will cover essential information for people interested in home remodeling, including kitchens, baths, decks, stairs and vertical or horizontal additions.

See Workshop PowerPoint Presentation


Fire Alarm - Introduction into SFFD Bulletins and the 2002 NFPA 72.
This program will provide attendees with an understanding of essential San Francisco Fire Department requirements on life safety elements and will specifically cover SFFD interpretations of fire alarm standards, as well as changes in the 2002 NFPA 72.

See Workshop PowerPoint Presentation


Sprinklers: Introduction into the San Francisco Fire Department Bulletins and the 2002 NFPA 13. 
This workshop will help you understand SFFD code for the installation of sprinkler systems, as well as to learn the design criteria for various sprinkler components.  Code cycle changes to 2002 NFPA 13 also will be covered.

See Workshop PowerPoint Presentation


Residential Earthquake Preparation
This workshop will focus on practical, simple and affordable tips to assist home owners on how to protect homes and families in a serious earthquake.  Learn what building inspection professionals recommend, and be better prepared when the next Big One strikes.


See Workshop PowerPoint Presentation


Condo Conversion.

This workshop will focus on eligibility requirements to meet legally-mandated criteria to convert Condos. Attendees will be given specific insights on navigating the process from filing the initial application to receiving the final Certificate of Completion.


See Workshop PowerPoint Presentation


Coming Soon to San Francisco
A New Transbay Transportation Hub and Mixed-Use Towers.
This presentation will provide public insights into one of the City’s most significant new projects in the South-of-Market neighborhood.


See Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
Transbay Center Disaster Plan


Green Building/ Solar Installations .
This workshop will provide an update on San Francisco’s efforts to save energy and play a leadership role in Green Building.


See Workshop PowerPoint Presentation